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Kangyu Electrical has 18 years of experience in low-voltage electric production


The company has established a “product lifecycle service system” for pre-sales consultation, technical support, installation guidance, troubleshooting, tracking and maintenance, etc., to ensure the user's demand for product functions.

1. Personalized design program has professional R & D and design personnel, with the ability to develop and design products, according to customer requirements and actual, design personalized application programs, the pursuit of perfect harmony.
2. Fine professional construction and installation team, perfect professional project management system, responsible for the technical, quality, safety and construction tracking service management of the entire project, scientific and standardized 
construction management.
3. Standardized service mechanism has perfect after-sales inspection, inspection mechanism, winter special maintenance mechanism and other after-sales service means, investing manpower and material resources to cope with various after-sales 
service conditions, and strive to create an active service concept of "service is also a product" for customers. Provide a satisfactory and assured service.
4. While selling products, we also sell services. As long as customers have demand, whether it is purchase or maintenance or other business, once you purchase any of the company's products, all problems can be solved.

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