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DC combiner box

DC Combiner Box

DC Combiner Box

DC combiner box
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DC Combiner Box DC Combiner Box DC Combiner Box DC Combiner Box
Product Description

DC Combiner Box


DC Combiner Box provides a means of combining multiple source circuits from a PV array into a single DC output. Each source circuit is fused separately using a touch-safe fuse holder. The combiner box allows for fail-safe operation of the system in the unlikely event that a problem with a source circuit leads to abnormally high current. In addition, the DC Combiner Box provides a convenient means of accessing the DC portion of a PV system for routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

The PV array lightning protection box has the following characteristics:

(1) meet the requirements of outdoor installation, protection class IP65, with anti-UV, anti-acid, anti-alkali, moisture, mildew, rodent control and other functions;

(2) access 16-way PV array, each with 15A, 1000Vdc fuse (replaceable other grades); 

(3) Equipped with special high-voltage lightning protection device, lightning protection function with cathode and anode ;

(4) Positive, negative string into the fuse; 

(5) Use quadruple PV dedicated circuit breaker with positive and negative in series

basic structure

Part number description
1 Negative convergence copper busbar
2 16-way detection unit
4 Dc positive Convergence output
5 Dc negative Convergence output
6 RS485 communication terminal (output point)
7 Ground output point
8 Lightning protection device
9 Positive convergence copper
10 DC positive fuse holder and fuse (each input in series with a fuse) up to 16 way
11 DC negative fuse holder and fuse (each input in series with a fuse) up to 16 road

Figure 1: internal structure of the combiner box


Specification Width(A)mm height(B)mm depth(C)mm
18 way 645 550 205
14,16 way 610 550 205
10,12 way 530 550 205
6,8 way 460 550 205
2,4 way 390 550 205

Installation dimension

16 ways combiner box dimension:610mm×500mm×205mm (width×depth×height)                                        

recommended for vertical wall installation

dc combiner box advantage 3

dc combiner box advantage 4


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