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AC Contactor

LC2-K ac contactor lowes

LC2-K ac contactor lowes

AC Contactor
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LC2-K ac contactor lowes LC2-K ac contactor lowes LC2-K ac contactor lowes LC2-K ac contactor lowes LC2-K ac contactor lowes
Product Description

LC1-K / CJX2-K series AC contactor is mainly used in AC 50HZ or 60HZ, rated insulation voltage 690V, in AC-3 use category when rated voltage of 380V rated current to 12A circuit, for long-distance making and breaking circuit purposes, and with the appropriate electromagnetic thermal overload relays to protect the possible overload of the circuit operation, contactor suitable for frequent starting and controlling AC motor.It conforms to IEC60947-4-1.



Rated working 

current A(380v)

AC-3 use group 

Control power KW

      Contact data
    220V 380/415V 440/500V 600V  
LC2-K06 6 1.5 2.2 3 3 3P+NC 3P+NO
LC2-K09 9 2.2 4 4 4 3P+NC 3P+NO
LC2-K12 12 3 5 5 5 3P+NC 3P+NO


  Specification/Type LC2-K06 LC2-K09 KC2-K12
  Use group under AC-3 6 9 12
  Rated working current(Ie)A 5 7.5 10
  Conventional thermal current(Ith)A 16 20 20
  Rated working voltage(Ue)V 380 660 380 660 380 660
  Rated insullation voltage(Ui)V 690 690 690
  AC-3 Electrical life(times) 0.5*106 0.5*106 0.5*106
  (6Ie Ie) Operation frequency h-1 1200 1200 1200
  AC-4 Electrical life(times) 10*104 10*104 10*104
  (6Ie Ie) Operation frequency h-1 300 300 300
  Mecnical life 3*106 3*106 3*106
Auxiliary contact Conventional thermal current 6A 6A 6A
Auxiliary contact Electrical life (times) AC-15(360VA) 0.5*10 0.5*10 0.5*10
Auxiliary contact Electrical life (times) DC-13(13W) 0.5*10 0.5*10 0.5*10
Coil specification Rated control voltage(Us) AC:12,24,45,110,220,380    
Coil specification Rated control voltage(Us) DC:12,24,45,110,220    
Coil specification Pick-up voltage AC:0.85~1.1Us DC:0.85~1.1Us    
Coil specification Releasing voltage AC:0.1~0.75Us DC:0.2~0.75Us    
Coil specification Coil power VA Pick-up 40 40 40
Coil specification Coil power VA Retain 4 4 4
Coil specification Consumption 1.2W 1.2W 1.2W
Coil specification Pick-up time 6~18ms 6~18ms 6~18ms
Coil specification Releasing time 5~23ms 5~23ms 5~23ms
Coil specification Power factor Making 0.8   Breaking 0.3    

lc2 k 5


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