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EV Charging Station

KY-AC-7KW Column type single gun charging pile

KY-AC-7KW Column type single gun charging pile

EV Charging Station
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Product Description

Scope of application

The AC charging pile provides AC 50Hz, rated voltage 220V AC power supply, and is supplied to an electric vehicle with a vehicle charger.Mainly applicable to the following places Large, medium and small electric vehicle charging stations;

Various public places with electric car parking spaces, such as urban residential quarters, shopping plazas, and electric power business places;

High-speed service area, station terminal and other transportation hub areas.

working environment

The ambient air temperature during operation is -25 ° C ~ 50 ° C, 24 h daily average temperature ≤ 35 ° C;

Monthly average relative humidity ≤ 90% (25 ° C), no condensation on the surface;

Atmospheric pressure 80kPa ~ 110kPa;

Installation vertical inclination ≤ 5%;

The harsh level of vibration and impact of the place is ≤I level, and the external magnetic field induction intensity in any direction is ≤1.5mT;

The use site must not have explosive atmospheres. The surrounding media does not contain harmful metals and conductive gases that damage the insulation and conduct electricity.Medium, not allowed to be filled with water vapor and more serious mold;

The place of use should avoid direct sunlight. When installing outdoors, it is recommended to install a shading facility for the charging pile;

When the user has special requirements, it can be resolved through consultation with our company.


Available in both vertical and wall mount versions;

AC220V AC input;

The main control board adopts a single-chip microcomputer with an embedded operating system. The charging mode is divided into four

types: automatic full, fixed time, fixed amount, and fixed power. The RS-485 networking communication interface can be reserved and provided.With GPRS networking mode.

The color touch screen display is 4.3 inch 480x272 resolution, and the charging mode can be set by touch button operation;

The single-phase electronic energy meter is used for electrical metering, and communicates with the main control board through theRS-485 interface;

Using a non-contact smart card reader, reading information about the IC card, communicating with the main control board through the RS-485 interface, and mastering

The board background program performs charger identity identification, user information recording, charging cost calculation, etc.; the line switch adopts a switch with leakage protection function, and installs an emergency stop button;

The shape is made of sheet metal and part of ABS plastic structure.

The main technical parameters

7KW single gun AC charging pile
Detailed specification User Interface 4.3 inch bright color display touch screen
Charging equipment Installation method Wall-mounted Column type
Way of routing Down and down
Dimensions 292*126*417(mm) 292*176*4131(mm)
Input voltage AC220V±20%
Input frequency 50±10Hz
The output voltage AC220V±20%
Maximum output current 32A
Cable length 5m
Measurement accuracy Level 0.5
Electrical index ≥11
Electrical index Current limit protection value /
Voltage regulation accuracy /
Steady flow accuracy /
Ripple coefficient /
effectiveness /
Power factor /
Harmonic content THD /
feature design HMI 4.3 inch LCD display touch screen, LED indicator
Charging mode Auto full / fixed power / fixed amount / fixed time
payment method APP payment / credit card payment / scan code payme
Safety design Safety standard

GB\T 20234、GB/T 18487、GB/T 27930、

NB\T 33008、NB\T 33002

security function Overvoltage protection, 
undervoltage protection, 
overload protection,
 short circuit protection,
 grounding protection, 
over temperature protection, 
low temperature protection,
 lightning protection, 
emergency stop protection,
 leakage protection
Environmental indicators Operating temperature —25°C~+50℃
Working humidity 5%~95% non-condensing cream
Working elevation <2000m
Protection level Level IP55
cooling method Forced air cooling
Noise control ≤60dB
MTBF 100,000 hours

This series of AC charging piles is an outdoor charging pile that meets the IP54 protection rating.

Please ensure the ambient temperature is between -25 ° C and +50 ° C

This series of AC charging piles can be wall mounted and column mounted according to requirements.



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