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WiFi Circuit Breaker

Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker-KYCB2

Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker-KYCB2

WiFi Circuit Breaker
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Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker-KYCB2 Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker-KYCB2 Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker-KYCB2 Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker-KYCB2 Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker-KYCB2 Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker-KYCB2
Product Description

KYCB2 series intelligent miniature circuit breakers have the characteristics of advanced and reasonable structure, reliable performance, high breaking capacity, and beautiful appearance. The shell material is composed of high-quality impact-resistant and high-flame retardant materials. It is suitable for indoor, AC 50Hz, rated voltage 230V, three-phase 400V, and rated current not exceeding 100A. It is mainly used for low-voltage terminal power distribution in industrial, commercial, civil buildings and infrastructure in buildings and similar places. Leakage, overload, short circuit, over-under-voltage, over-heating, and lack of equal protection can also be used for infrequent on-off operations. The leakage circuit breaker with the rated residual operating current less than 30mA can provide protection for personal electric shock.


Number of poles 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
Breaking capacity 1A-63A, 10kA
80-100A, 6kA
Rated voltage 230/400V AC
Rated current 1A-100A
Residual current type A type, AC type
Residual current specifications 30, 100, 300mA or adjustable
Trip time Standard type, time delay type, adjustable type
Configurable leakage function Shut down, alarm, alarm and protection
Leakage self-test Automatic non-trip self-check, remote and local trip self-check
Short circuit protection Type B, Type C, Type D
Trip time <0.1s
Overcurrent protection Thermal element + electronic
Thermal trip Inverse time limit
Electronic trip Inverse time or definite time
Working current Electronically adjustable
Overvoltage protection JB/T 12762 OUPA standard
Overvoltage setting value 275V
Undervoltage setting value 0.7Ue
Action time Standards compliant
Meet the standard Shut down, alarm, alarm and protection
Terminal temperature rise protection Alarm + protection
Temperature rise alarm setting value >50K
Temperature rise action setting value >60K
Action time 15min
Temperature rise protection function can be configured Shut down, alarm, alarm and protection
Three-phase unbalance Monitoring + alarm
Lack of phase Monitoring + alarm + protection
Configurable function Shut down, alarm, alarm and protection

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