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Solar system application diagram

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The maturity of the photovoltaic one-stop system in 2019 has been more and more popular. Electricity tariffs are very expensive in many countries, and photovoltaic systems can reduce their dependence on national electricity. The photovoltaic system proposed by Wenzhou Kangyu Electric Co., Ltd. is connected by solar panelMC4 connectorphotovoltaic combiner box (power generation monitoring, safety maintenance)photovoltaic inverter (control power generation frequency)home (complete system can make you The house is lit up. In addition, we also have a photovoltaic pump system that can use solar power to give energy to the feed pump and select pumps of different power according to different irrigation scenarios. As well as our latest PV energy storage solution, solar power is passed through the energy storage system and freely selected for use depending on weather changes or changes in the environment. The introduction of the energy storage system has achieved the use environment of solar energy storage and integration.

The solar energy utilization rate is as shown in the figure, and the energy efficiency utilization rate is over 90%. The kayal solar system solution integrates solar panels, power distribution equipment, energy storage equipment, energy release equipment (smart home equipment, water pumps, irrigation facilities), and efficient and safe use of electricity is our greatest mission.

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