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AC Magnetic Contactor Supplier

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Founded in 2002, Wenzhou Kangyu Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of combination box and photovoltaic module products, such as array monitors, surge protectors and other special contactors, AC / DC magnetic contactors, DC circuit breakers. And molded case circuit breakers, etc. Xinguang Industrial Zone, Liushi Town, Wenzhou City, with convenient transportation.

The company covers an area of 80,000 square meters and has advanced injection molding machines, automatic presses, monitoring stations and other facilities. Our annual production capacity is 100,000 combined boxes and 2,000,000 contactors. With export licenses, our products are exported to the US, Australia, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. Our products are widely acclaimed at home and abroad. Our company has won ISO9001, UL, CB, KEMA, SEMKO, TUV, INMETRO, CE, CCC, Rohs and PICC. Strict quality control is performed for every process from material procurement, processing and testing to packaging. Our aim is "quality first; improve technology; look forward to the future". We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to establish cooperation with us for a better future.





Product Description

LC1-E AC Magnetic Contactor

AC Magnetic Contactor Supplier_AC Magnetic Contactor


For motor control,from 6 to 630A(AC-3) for the control of distribution circuits,from 16 to 1000A(AC-1) Control circuit:d.c.

Standard power           Rated   Rated Instantaneous   Basic
ratings of           operating         reference
3-phase motor           current   non- auxiliary   Complete
                      with code
50-60Hz jin           AC-3 AC-1 conductive contacts   indicating
category AC-3                     control 
220V 380V     660V   up to   voltage     circuit
            0≤40℃         voltage(2)
203V 400V 415V 440V 500V 690V 440          
KW KW KW KW KW KW A A V     Fixing(1)
1.5 2.2 2.2 3 3 3 6 16 660 1 - LC1-EC03*
                  - 1 LC1-EC09*
2.2 4 4 4 4 4 9 16 660 1 - LC1-EC03*
                  - 1 LC1-EC09*



AC Magnetic Contactor Supplier_CKRY-6-Q1A

General Purpose Switching Relay

  • SPNO,SPDT,DPNP&SPDT switching configurations
  • Class B insulation system
  • 250" QC terminals
  • Multi-positional mounting

Contact Data:

Arrangement SPNO,SPDT,1NO&1NC
Contact Material Silver Cadmium Oxide Alloy
Power Rating 12FLA 60 LRA
Power Rating 18 Amps Resistive @ 125VAC 8FLA 48 LRA
Power Rating 18 Amps Resistive @ 240/277 AC
SPST-NO only Pilot Duty Rating 25 Amps Resistive @ 277VAC
SPST-NO only Pilot Duty Rating 3Amps,277VAC
SPST-NO only Pilot Duty Rating 125VA @ 125VAC
SPST-NO only Pilot Duty Rating 250VA @ 250VAC
SPST-NO only Pilot Duty Rating 277VA @ 277VAC
Temperature Range  -55 to +125℃
Unit Weight 0.086kg
Power Pole Termiinations 250" QC
Coil Termination 250" QC
Mechanical Life Expectancy 1 million operations
Electrical Life Expectancy 250,000 operations-resistive
Electrical Life Expectancy 100,000 operations-inductive
Coil Nominal Coil Power AC 9.5VA

Coil Voltage / Relay PerformanceContact Data:

Coil ID Letter Nominal Coil Pick Up Drop Out Maximum Coil Norminal Coil Sealed VA Inrush VA
  Voltage VAC Voltage VAC Voltage VAC Voltage VAC Resistance Ohms (maximum)  
Q 24 20.4 4.8 26.4 15 9.5 21.5
T 120 102 24 132 400 9.5 21.5
U 208/240 176 48 264 1600 9.5 21.5
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