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Low-voltage electrical industry analysis

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Low-voltage electrical appliances are inseparable from the power industry. From the moment of birth, they are destined to accompany the electric light and flint.
According to national standards, low-voltage electrical appliances include various types of electrical components and components for electrical energy distribution, circuit connection, circuit switching, circuit protection, control and display in electrical circuits with AC currents of 1000V and 1500V. All kinds of low-voltage electrical appliances are widely used in power distribution systems in industrial, commercial and civil buildings such as factories, shopping malls, and residential buildings; electrical control components for various industrial equipment such as machine tools; and supporting facilities for power grids.
China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry is a fully competitive market with a very high degree of marketization. At present, it has formed a market structure in which foreign capital and domestic capital jointly operate and compete with each other.

Low-voltage electrical appliances have a wide range of applications, including new and stock requirements. According to the law of industry, the quantity of low-voltage electrical appliances in China is directly proportional to the installed capacity of China's electric power, that is, the power generation capacity of 10,000 kw corresponds to about 60,000 low-voltage electrical appliances. The grid-connected capacity of generator sets in China over the years is as follows:
There are many types of low-voltage electrical appliances, which are mainly divided into distribution electrical appliances, terminal electrical appliances, and control electrical appliances according to their uses.
The distribution electrical appliance is mainly used to connect and disconnect the current, and can cut off the circuit when the line or the electrical equipment is short-circuited, overloaded, under-voltage, etc., thereby protecting the line and equipment. The product mainly includes the automatic transfer switch. , frame circuit breaker, disconnector, fuse;

Terminal electrical appliances are mainly used at the end of the line, which play the role of protection, control, indication signal, metering, etc. The main products include miniature circuit breakers, small leakage circuit breakers, etc.
Control electric appliances are low-voltage electrical appliances that complete various control of various motor starting, speed regulation, forward and reverse rotation, braking, etc. in mines, petrochemicals, etc., including various relays, soft starters, frequency converters, etc.

The low-voltage electrical industry is an important part of the electrical industry. In the 1960s and 1970s, the domestic low-voltage electrical appliance industry was initially formed. Through imitation, learning, technological research, innovation and technological iteration, the current domestic low-voltage electrical products are mainly the third and fourth generations, which are widely used in the national economy. In various industries, there are typical industries such as construction, industry, new energy, communications, and electric power. Among them, the power industry has the greatest demand for low-voltage electrical appliances.
In general, for every 10,000 kilowatts of power generation capacity, about 60,000 pieces of low-voltage electrical components are required. As an industry that uses more low-voltage electrical products, the rapid growth of China's power industry has driven the market demand for low-voltage electrical appliances.
In the main application industries of low-voltage electrical appliances, the new energy industry has the fastest growth and the largest growth potential in the future. Therefore, put it in the first part.
New energy industry.

The new energy industry is an important driving force for the rapid growth of China's low-voltage electrical industry. It mainly includes three major parts: new energy power generation, new energy vehicles and charging stations (piles).
1. New energy generation
According to the National Energy Administration, new energy installations have maintained a rapid growth trend in recent years. The combined installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaics has maintained a compound growth rate of more than 30% in recent years.
Among them, the newly installed PV installed capacity increased from 2.57 million kilowatts in 2011 to more than 50 million kilowatts in 2017. The newly installed wind power installed capacity increased from 17.63 million kilowatts in 2011 to 30.75 million kilowatts in 2015. It fell, but it began to increase significantly in the fourth quarter of 2017. It is expected that the new installed capacity of wind power will return to growth in the next two years, and the new installed capacity of new energy will maintain a relatively high level.
Corresponding to the application of low-voltage electrical appliances in new energy sources, on the one hand, low-voltage electrical appliances will grow with the industry, on the other hand, low-voltage electrical appliances suitable for new energy sources will have higher temperature, voltage, insulation strength and reliability than those in general power grids. To be high, low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturers need to develop new products according to the unique operating environment of new energy, so the added value is higher than the traditional power grid. Further enhance the market space of the industry.
The new energy sector is a new field of low-voltage electrical applications that has been growing rapidly in recent years. In recent years, demand growth has remained above 20%.

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